HiCHEW Sours

HiCHEW is strange little candies from Japan made by Morinaga. They’re vibrantly flavored chews with a latexy texture.

HiCHEW has become popular around the world since its introduction in 1975, they’re produced in several countries, including a new factory in the United States. Morinaga introduced HiCHEW Sours earlier this year.

Currently, HiCHEW Sours come in the format of individually sealed pieces in bags (not wrapped bars). The packages include random ratios of Lemon, Grapefruit, and Lime. (I assume they’re random because I bought two bags and got far more lime in one bag than another.)

One of the great features of HiCHEW is that it’s almost like gum, the bouncy, latexy chew lasts a long time and the flavor never declines. These hold their flavor to the very end, but the texture is just not the same. Not a bad thing, just not the same thing.

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